Phil Cauvel

Western New York Sales Representative

Phil is the Western Pennsylvania – Western New York sales representative for American Coach Sales. He has 52 years of experience in automotive sales and has been servicing his territory for the past 15 years. Phil resides in Titusville, PA which is located right in the heart of his sales market. He is the ruling Ruling Elder at the 1st Presbyterian Church of Titusville and also a member of the choir. Phil has dedicated his working life to giving funeral homes first class service which is what American Coach Sales has always strived to do!

Team Members

Steve Burgess American Coach Sales

Sales Manager

Robert Mazzarella Jr American Coach Sales

Customer Service, Warranty & Parts, and Logistic Manager

Jay Mazzarella American Coach Sales

Sales Representative

Additional Outside Sales Reps

Dave Kolbe
Todd Ely
Scott Lee
Bob Newman
Larry Newman