Robert Mazzarella Jr.

Customer Service, Warranty & Parts and Logistic Manager

Robert Mazzarella is the Manager of Customer Service, Warranty & Parts and Logistics Departments for American Coach Sales. He has been part of the industry since he was a child, but as made it his career for the past 12 plus years. Robert is currently located at our Columbus, Ohio facility, in the crossroads of our territory. He enjoys all aspects of the profession; whether it is fulfilling his love of cars, working in an ever evolving industry or creating lasting relationships with our customers. Providing funeral homes with the same care and attention they provide their clientele is HIS MISSION!

Team Members

Steve Burgess American Coach Sales

Rest In Peace
11/20/1958 - 8/10/2021

Robert Mazzarella Jr American Coach Sales

Customer Service, Warranty & Parts, and Logistic Manager

Jay Mazzarella American Coach Sales

Sales Representative

Additional Outside Sales Reps

Dave Kolbe
Todd Ely
Scott Lee