Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you provide lease and finance options?
  • Does American Coach Sales Deliver vehicles?
  • Does your company ship internationally?
  • Does my vehicle come with a warranty?
  • Can you do refurbishing to my current vehicle?
  • Do you have access to parts for my vehicle?

Yes! Our company provides lease and finance options through several outside banks including TCF Equipment Financing, 1st Source Bank, and Thomson MacConnell Cadillac.

Yes! Our company can deliver vehicles via truck or have it driven by one of our salesman or driving assistants

Yes! We have done business with numerous North American countries and overseas. As long as the vehicle can be legally imported by specific country law, we can be of service!

Yes! All new vehicles purchased through American Coach Sales come with a warranty. You can view this information in our warranty section to check for your specific brand. On used cars, our salespeople will let you know what type of warranty is provided with your unit during the sales process. Please call them if you have any questions!

Yes! With our company being located in close proximity to the manufacturers, we can set up an appointment to have your vehicle serviced by vehicle experts with unmatched experienced. We can also provide you with a loaner unit if needed. Please contact our office to find out more information!

Yes! Our company can work with you to find the parts you need to fit your vehicle. Please contact us providing the year, make, and model of your unit and we will check availability!

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